Tennis Betting Online

Tennis Betting Online

Tennis betting is just behind in popularity soccer betting. The sport with the round leather is the undisputed leader with almost 80% of the online sports bets placed in Parimatch website, but tennis is growing more and more.In fact, during big events like Wimbledon tennis, betting sometimes surpasses football in the rankings. The reasons are obvious: tennis betting is played all over the world, the tennis rules are quite simple and there are no ties. Some sports betting fans would also wish for the latter in football, after all, who hasn’t hailed a tip after a late equalizer?In addition, good odds are often offered in tennis, and outsiders often come through, especially in women’s tennis, so that risk is worthwhile in tennis betting.

As I said, almost all betting providers have tennis in their program, like Parimatch tz apk free download. So it’s hard to tell at first glance: Where should I bet on tennis? Of course, everyone follows their own preferences when choosing their betting provider, but if you are specifically targeting tennis, there are a few criteria that will help with the decision.


First, it is advisable to look at the offer of the tennis bookmaker. It is often already evident in the navigation bar how many bets on tennis the online bookmaker has to offer. But not only the overall overview is an indication, the number of betting markets for the individual games also differs greatly from provider to provider. In short: the range of tennis bets should be examined in breadth and depth , bet-at-home and betsson are considered interesting contact points in this regard.

The size of the odds is the next important criterion when looking for the right provider for tennis bets. After all, you want to win as much as possible from your tennis bets with your stake. The odds comparison is always worthwhile, as is the case with tennis bets. A closer look is advisable, because just because a provider has the best football odds, it doesn’t have to be the same for tennis odds.

Even Bet3000, often celebrated as the king of odds, is not always automatically great. In our comparisons, we found even better tennis odds at betsson, for example.

What tournaments & competitions can I bet on in tennis?

Unlike soccer or other team sports, there are no leagues or competitions that span a whole year. Various tournaments are held throughout the month. These are divided into different categories.

Grand Slam tournaments
The Grand Slam tournaments are the most important dates and absolute highlights of the tennis year. Grand Slam tennis betting makes up a large part of the annual betting volume on the sport. These are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Here there is the most prize money, the most world ranking points and therefore of course the best field of participants.

Wimbledon bets have a special appeal because the tournament in London has a very long tradition and is something for specialists because it is held on grass.

ATP & WTA Tournaments
The ATP Tour is a series of men’s tennis tournaments held throughout the year. ATP tennis bets are possible almost every month, even in winter. For example, the ATP Finals take place in November, where the top eight players on the tour compete and compete for prize money. As a result, there are very good odds in this indoor tournament.

The WTA, the Women’s Tennis Association, organizes tournaments in women’s tennis analogous to the ATP. Around 50 tournaments worldwide are part of the WTA Tour. Premier Mandatory tournaments like the WTA Indian Wells are the most important.

ITF & Challenger
The Challenger Tour category of ATP and WTA practically form the lower tier of professional tournaments. In the International Tennis Federation’s ITF Pro Circuit, the lowest tournament categories are for professionals. They are primarily used by young players to work their way into the WTA or ATP.

What types of bets are there in tennis betting?

Winner / Head-to-Head 
In every tennis game you can bet on the winner, both of a whole match. Some providers also refer to this market as head-to-head betting, since a tie is not possible in tennis. The winner bet is usually the bet type that is displayed first. For example, you can put together a winning bet combination with tennis tips with just a few clicks. At betsson, the tennis area is usually very clearly laid out, as you can see here:

Over/under bet
The over/under tennis bet refers to the number of games played in a match, regardless of the winner. Most commonly, the betting market is designed to bet on more or less than 21.5 games. So if a game goes 6:0 and 6:0 to a player, you are clearly under with 12 games, if the duel is fought and ends, for example, 6:4, 4:6 and 6:4, you are under with 30 games “over”.

Often there are additional over / under tennis bets on the number of games that a single player wins.

Handicap bets
It might come as a surprise at first to find that handicap tennis bets are also common in soccer. Here a player is given a set advantage from the outset. The other player then has to win by a larger set margin for the bet to work. A first-round tip on top players such as Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer can also be worthwhile against players who are ranked significantly lower. Of course you can also bet on the player with the lead, in which case the odds will be lower.

Set bets
All of the above types of bets can also be used within a single set for tennis bets: Who will win the 1st or 2nd set? Who wins the set despite a handicap of 2.5 games? Does a set have more or less than 9.5 games? That’s very interesting live, because it’s easy to draw conclusions from the previous movement to the next.

Even A very simple betting market, but also one that equates to pure gambling: will there be an odd or even number of sets or games? These markets, known as odd/even tennis bets, have a 50-50 chance.

bets Tennis long-term bets are far more interesting than, for example, long-term bets on football. For example, if you bet on the winner of a tournament, for example when betting on Wimbledon, you don’t have to wait that long before you get the result. The champion tip of a football season is only evaluated after months.

A simple tennis betting tip here is: Don’t bet on a tournament winner too far in advance. After all, a lot can always happen, a slump or other handicap can quickly come into play. Note: Bookmakers often refer to betting on the question “Which of two players will do better in a tournament?” as head-to-head. For example, if both players are eliminated in the quarter-finals, the stake is returned. Of course, this is not to be confused with the simple winner bet in a game (see above). As one of the bookmakers with the most types of tennis bets, we again noticed betsson.

What tennis live bets are there?

All of the aforementioned betting markets are also available for live betting on tennis. There are also markets such as “who will win the next game / the next set” or “who will score the next point”. The good thing about tennis live betting is that you can read the game very well.

After all, there are many clear sections in the game, short breaks between sets and sometimes between games where you have time to look at the statistics and place the bet.

What is a good tennis betting strategy?

Win bets and get rich with tennis? Better said than done. But that applies to sports betting in general. There are no safe tennis bets. But in order to successfully place tennis bets, we can still give you one or two tips for your strategies.

Tip 1: Combo bets
In big tournaments, for example, combo bets on favorites are worthwhile. It is quite likely that Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will prevail in round one. In the station wagon you get a pretty good quota. Tip: Many betting providers now have special promotions for combination bets. With the combo edge from betfair, for example, you get your stake back if just one tip in the combo doesn’t add up.

Tip 2: Live
bets We explained the advantages of live bets to you above. There are enough interruptions in the game where you have a little time to react to what is happening. The odds are often attractive.

Tip 3: Pay attention to the surface
It makes a big difference for tennis pros whether they play on grass, sand or hard courts. A player who is well ahead of another in the world rankings can still be superior to them on a special surface. There are many proven specialists. Statistics of individual players can be found quickly with a Google search. For men’s tennis, on you get results sorted by floor covering for all players in the world rankings.