What is betting in PariMatch Live

What is betting in PariMatch Live


Betting providers not only offer you live statistics for the game, but in Pari match Tanzania also a live stream with which you have the opportunity to watch the game live. But even more popular than these features are the live bets , which have been by far the biggest hit.


Live stream and bet

Most live bets are placed while the tipsters are watching the games live. That’s why some bookmakers have struggled for years to get streaming rights if you have some money in your betting account. In addition, some bookmakers offer you the option of calling up game statistics, which will make it easier for you to place a bet. In these statistics you can see which team has the most chances, shots or corners.

Parimatch Live bets are bets that are made during a football or other match. They are available on the official platform in the section with the authentic name.

Gambling players can bet:

  • using a mobile device;
  • via laptop and PC;
  • using a tablet.

The option is open both in the full-screen version of the site and in the mobile version. It will be possible to place a bet on a certain team or player through the official betting shop application.

The section contains information about: sports events that are taking place at the moment and are planned in the near future; individual matches (you can add interesting ones to bookmarks); rising or falling ratios.

On the platform, you can read the bet conditions, see the statistics and the results of each game. Bettors are pleased with the video broadcasts of the competitions (they are open to those players who have a positive balance).



Most betting providers usually have well over 20 sports in their program that you can bet on. But what other sports can you bet on the games while they are live? Here you can find a list:

  • Soccer
  • ice Hockey
  • basketball
  • tennis
  • handball
  • floor hockey
  • golf
  • volleyball
  • winter sports
  • eSports

But always remember, you should know what you are betting on and be familiar with the sport.

Live Parimatch Line

The bookmaker offers a wide range of bets, a profitable loyalty program and fair play. The line represents the odds for all available sporting events and their results.

The live section publishes odds for the top championships, women’s and men’s divisions. The painting depends on the particular sport. Base quotes:

  1. next goal.
  2. Additional totals and odds for each team.
  3. Statistics by periods and separately by matches.
  4. Accurate score
  5. Both teams will hit the ball into the opponent’s goal.
  6. Each team will score more than a certain number of goals.

Parimatch livescore puts up from 10 to 100 quotes for individual matches. Quotes for eSports are available on the site: the outcome of the match is determined by artificial intelligence.

Odds and Margin

Many bettors choose this online platform because the odds are above average. Margin in the range of 3-5.5% is set for pre-match, and for live events, the indicator is 5-8.5%. The bookmaker takes a commission, the amount of which depends on the type of sport, the phase of the match and the type of quote.

The margin indicator for classic competitions and eSports is practically the same. The bookmaker does not reduce the size of the commission, special offers are not provided even for active users of the platform.


How to bet in live

Only authorized users can make all types of bets. First you need to register, confirm your data and only then click on “Login”. After entering the login and password, the user enters the “Personal Account”.

Instructions on how to place bets during the match:

  1. Go to the live betting section.
  2. Select the type of sport (they are available on the left in the menu).
  3. Find a sporting event in the central block, the forecasts for which are the most probable.
  4. Click on the ratio. The coupon will highlight a specific event.
  5. Choose a type of bet: for example, an express bet.
  6. Specify the amount.
  7. Check if everything was filled in correctly and click on “Place a bet”.

You can find out how to bet on football or volleyball on the official website in the Live section or contact the operator.

Bet data will immediately appear in your account. If you bet during the game, you should make informed and quick decisions, because quotes change every few seconds. The “Quick bet” option increases the chances of a decent win. You can also use the “Accept Changed Odds” function.

Players can connect betting in 1 click: for this, you need to learn a little more about the option. When activated, the bettor indicates the amount of the bet. Each time the bet will be made automatically when you click on the odds.


Live in the infographics access window of the match: you can see the exact score by halves and the minute of the match. Deletions are also visible. The ball is displayed virtually, as well as attacks. Fights with special marks are shown live. If a person is not registered, he considers himself a guest of the platform and does not get access to the broadcast.

Depending on the type of event, the player can view broadcasts and their results:

  • standard;
  • demonstration;
  • extended;
  • television.

Interactive broadcasts are popular. Bettors can monitor attacks, analyze the results of matches. The totals are displayed in a table that is automatically updated. Information about the composition of teams, corners, free kicks is available. Comments on matches are opened in the “Results” section.


Benefits of live betting Pari Match

Live is chosen by both professionals and beginners. Bettors like the opportunity to make minimum bets and win quickly. There are various ways to withdraw earned money and with small commissions.

Advantages of live betting Pari Match:

  • wide painting and line;
  • profitable odds;
  • access to video broadcasts or text alerts;
  • even a beginner can place a bet: everything is clear on an intuitive level;
  • it is possible to make a bet after reading the official forecasts shared by analysts and experts;
  • live entertainment is more exciting, interesting and keeps the intrigue until the end of the team competition.

Live betting can be done from both a laptop and a phone. A convenient mobile version has been developed for smartphones. If there are any prohibitions or blocking of providers, mirrors will help. The Parimatch app tz allows you not only to open access to live, but also to forget about the restrictions.

The support service answers any questions related to all types of betting.


Questions and answers


📌 No, according to the rules of BC Parimatch, the bookmaker’s client does not have the opportunity to cancel bets made on the site and placed on the server (as evidenced by the receipt number) – both live and prematch. And in order to avoid accidentally made bets, you can bet on the Parimatch website only with confirmation of the event and the amount of the bet.


📌 Just like pre-match bets – select an event in the Parimatch live line, on which bets are accepted during its course, then click on the quote and confirm the bet in a separate window with the receipt number


📌 Depending on how quickly the data provider provides information to the bookmaker, but in principle, Parimatch works quite quickly with live bets – it takes up to 10-15 minutes to calculate most popular events in Parimatch