Badminton Betting in Parimatch

Badminton Betting in Parimatch

Badminton can be compared to other ball sports such as beach volleyball, as this has a similar style of play and therefore comparable playing time. The rally point counting method was introduced, which is intended to ensure that the game lasts a certain amount of time in order not to affect the course of the tournament and that the tournament schedule can be adhered to. In the past, without this new counting method, there were often problems with adhering to the schedule and therefore some had to Teams wait longer than planned.

A set is played up to 21 and must have a difference of 2 points, however, in order to limit the set, a maximum of 30 points is played and a set result of 30:29 is possible. A game lasts until one team has won 2 sets.

Badminton Betting Offer:

In badminton , the risk of winning bets is not too high as there can only be one winner, with teams from Asia being favoured. Lately there hasn’t been too much live offer because the players are not very interested in this sport, which is very similar to that of table tennis. However, if a game is included in the live offer, bets such as over / under 18.5, two-way , set betrecommended, with over/under playing a bigger role here than in table tennis because a set is longer and the distance can therefore be larger, so it is better to use under for unequal teams because the quality in this sport varies greatly.

Handicap bets are rarely found here when teams have very different strengths and a 2:0 set win is therefore possible. As in tennis there is also the option to bet on the set point where 1, 2-3, 4 or more are offered, on average 2-3 set points are required to complete a set but is a very risky bet the odds for 1 Set ball are between 1.80 – 2.00 odds and 2-3 at around 2.20 and 4 or more has the highest proportion with 3-4.00 odds .

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The origin of Badminton betting dates back to Greece, almost 20 centuries ago. This popular game gained its current form and rules of play in Africa before it spread around the world. As you know, Badminton was discovered by British troops who were on a mission in Pune. They turned the local children’s bus game into what we know today as badminton betting.

This exciting game earned the nickname ‘Badminton betting’ after the Duke of Beaufort organized a Poona Game match at his law in Badminton. Today, the game is sponsored by the Badminton Authority of Africa, which also oversees organizing regular competitions at local, state, and national level.

What is badminton betting?

Betting on Badminton is an indoor game played between two and four players on the court. You can choose to play Badminton as one or two. The game is played using a wooden or graphite racket with a ball and feathers 16. All rules for playing this game are determined by the World Federation of Badminton (BWF).

The general rule of the game is to make sure the ball is in the air at all times. Scoring points in Badminton, the ball is about to fall on the opponent’s court. Each badminton set is played up to 21, where at least two balls add up to 30 points.

Famous Betting on Badminton

There are many betting on badminton  opportunities available to African punters today, including the BWF Super Series and the World Championships. Online games provide punters with participating player names, match schedules, and win or lose status. Some of the major international badminton competitions in the market include:

Badminton Olympics

This is a popular competition organized by the World Badminton Federation (BWF). Since its inception, 69 different nations have played in the Olympic court, with 19 teams competing 7 times. Badminton’s first impression of the sport was that of the 1972 Summer Athletics Championships, which took place in Munich. During the Olympics, the game of Badminton has a knockout form competition, and the full match has 3 games. According to the rules of Badminton, in each game or set, a player needs to score at least 21 points to lead in the Conference. In this tournament, the player wins by a gap of 2 points. The first player to reach 30 pints wins.

World Badminton Championship

Formerly known as the IBF World Championships or BWF, this event offers the first stage of the title along with the Summer Olympic Games. The winner of this competition is crowned “World Champions,” and they win a gold medal. The Badminton World Championships resumed in 1977 and were attended once in three years until 1983. It was transformed into an annual event after facing challenges, especially when it came to hosting. Although gold medals are awarded to the winners, the event does not have any awards. In the 2019 event, Ratchanok Inthanon was named the tournament’s best player.

Junior Badminton World Championships

The event is organized by BWF to award the best Junior Badminton player under the age of 19. The Junior Badminton World Cup consists of 2 competitions – Suhandinata Cup (mixed team championship) and Single Championship (Eye Level Cups). Initially, the Juniors event was Bimantara World Junior and hosted Indonesia. The name changed from Badminton International Federation (IBF) to Badminton World Federation (BWF). Since the 2007 BWF, the event has changed from year to year.

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This is how badminton betting works

Badminton is basically about scoring points by hitting the shuttlecock over the net into the opponent’s court where it has to touch the ground. Hitting the net or out of bounds scores points for the opponent.

Play continues until one player has won two sets. A set goes up to 21 points, whereby a two-point lead is necessary. However, the sentence is over at the very latest at 30 points for one side.

In 2006 there was a significant rule change: Previously only the player on serve could score. The return player first had to secure the right to serve in order to then score himself. That’s different now: you can always get points. So the games have become much shorter.

Singles, doubles and mixed doubles are played. Bets are mostly placed on individual games, less often on tournament results. While there are national leagues, the most important are a number of tournaments.

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What is the advantage in badminton betting?

On the one hand, badminton has the advantage that as an indoor sport, external influences hardly play a role. Home advantage can still exist, especially in Asia where fans are frenetic.

Favorites are usually clear, surprises are rare. Combination bets on favorites can usually go through in the first rounds of the tournament.

As I said, the sport is similar to the principles of tennis, but as a fringe sport the odds are often better. In addition, it is much more action-packed compared to tennis.